Hair Care Tips for Dry Climates


Utah is, for the most part, a fantastic place to live. Who’s to deny the beauty of the towering mountain canyons, not to mention the best snow on earth. However, it has its dislikable things, like how Utah is ranked the fourth driest state. 

Protecting your Hair in Dry Climates

Dry climates like Utah require an extra effort for Utah residents to keep their hair moisturized and healthy. If you wish to avoid dry and damaged hair, please find below a list of tips to combat dry weather and give your hair the care it needs. 

 Weekly Conditioning

Set aside a time during the week where you can put on a deep conditioning hair mask. Conditioning masks help repair your hair from the inside out and seal in the moisture. Try alternating between moisturizing masks and protein-building masks to keep your hair balanced. 

 Oil Daily

Your hair produces its oils; however, in Utah dry weather, it could use some help. Support healthy hair by using daily hair oils to moisturize and strengthen your hair cuticles. Apply and comb through some hair oil right after a shower to smooth hair, tame it, treat split ends, and minimize frizz. But, avoid using too much oil on your hair, and try not to apply it right before bed.

 Protection Spray

Because Utah is one of the driest states, there’s not much cloud cover. UV (Ultra-Violet) sun rays are going to irritate your hair cuticles.

To protect your hair, wear hats, or invest in a UV protection spray. Think of it as sunscreen, but for your hair. We know, sometimes it isn’t very pleasant to try to think of these things. But just remember that it will help your hair look healthier for longer.

No Heat

Long-term use of hairdryers and hair styling tools like a straightener can dry out your hair. They can also do long-term to crack your hair cuticles, which can leave your hair even more vulnerable to the dry weather. During the warmer season, avoid using these and use a heat protectant spray every time you use them. Another tip is to use your hair drier on it’s “cool” setting. 


You can’t correct Utah weather, but you can invest in a humidifier for your room. Moisture will help keep your hair and skin moisturized while also kicking out all the fall weather allergens. Most humidifiers are cheap, costing around $30-$50. It’s a small investment to ensure your hair remains as moisturized as possible.