The Origins and Quality of Remy Hair

Most of you have probably done some research into hair, hair extensions, and the differences between Remy hair and other non-Remy options available on the market. If so, you will likely have discovered that Remy’s hair is 100% authentic human hair. The human behind this must come for somewhere – exactly where is that? There is significant beauty in the beliefs behind many sources of Remy’s hair, which beauty certainly reflects on the product.

Where Does Remy Hair Come From?

Most Remy hair comes from India or China and is grown for religious purposes. Millions of religious individuals travel to Hindu Temples each year to have their heads shaved, or “tonsured” to use the religious term. This sacrifice is made to fulfill a vow show religious devotion or humility. The temple authorities then sell the hair.

When Remy’s hair is collected, it is done so utilizing a method where all hair strands, starting at the tip to the root, and including the cuticle, remain in the same direction. Remy hair is the only hair that is collected in this fashion. Keeping all strands and follicles flowing in the same direction significantly help decrease tangles and matting. When hair strands are aligned in the same order they grew in, it allows the hair to move with a natural feel and texture. The cuticles are also kept in-tact. This helps to contribute to the overall life and health of Remy hair. For this reason, you must ensure that you are purchasing Remy hair and not just a cheaper imitation.

What Makes Remy Hair Special?

Remy hair is one of the most popular choices on the market today. This is due to the overall appearance, exceptional quality, affordability, feel, and lifespan of Remy hair. Remy hair is typically immaculate and conditioned to maintain shine and to remove any impurities. The cleaning and conditioning products do not contain chemicals and are completely hypoallergenic. Because Remy hair is real human hair, you can style, wash, brush, cut, and curl Remy hair just as you would your inch. Remy hair will not start losing its natural quality and beauty after a couple of washes or curls. As Remy hair is not processed or dyed beforehand, Remy hair will come in more natural, darker colors.