Thin Hair: Mistakes to Avoid

Thin hair can prove to be extremely difficult to maintain and properly manage. Many things can factor into having thin hair such as; medication, age, hormones, genes, disease. But, experts say that we may be doing something that may make a person’s hair more prone to damage and fallout. The two main culprits to thinning hair are stress and a poor diet. 

Good news, though, you can do something about thinning hair! Below are some mistakes that can lead to hair thinning at an earlier age.

Tight and Wet Ponytails

You may be in a rush, and pulling your hair into a quick ponytail after a shower sounds tempting. However, you’re just causing severe damage to your hair strands, especially thin ones. Your hair stretches when it’s wet; putting it in a hair tie will create more and more stress on the hair strands as your hair dries. If a ponytail is the only option after a shower, use a loose silk scrunchie with a wide elastic band. Just avoid tight situations while your hair is still wet.

Too much oil

Hair oil feels fantastic on your hair; however, you may find that the hair will likely become stuck on to your scalp if you have thin hair. Almost like it’s trying to gasp for air. 

Zero Product

You must find that correct styling product that can thicken and give your thin hair volume. If you use something like a volumizing spray before you blow-dry your hair, you can see some substantial results.


You may think that dying your hair if it’s thin will not yield positive results. Although it may cause damage if you were to bleach your hair, adding color to your hair will plump the cuticles of your hair strands. This makes your hair look fuller and thicker. 

Too much Shampoo

If you have thin hair and it’s fragile, it may be in your best interest if you avoid washing it every day. Use instead, dry shampoo between hair washing days to prevent breakage. 

No Supplements

Vitamin deficiencies can also cause hair loss. This is why it would be smart to take supplements like biotin to help your hair, skin, and nails.

Hair Extensions

Extensions are an excellent alternative to make your hair appear fuller. However, they will put unwarranted stress on the hair strands that they’re attached to overtime. Make sure to take some time off from wearing extensions. Your hair will thank you.

No Haircuts

Getting regular haircuts will help strengthen the ends of your hair. So make sure you don’t avoid going to the salon.