What’s the Difference Between Remy Hair and Other Hair Alternatives


Synthetic extensions are much lower quality and have shorter lifespans, lasting only a few months. These products are usually made with strands of acrylic treated with synthetic dyes and chemicals that are flammable and often harmful to the wearer.  Non-Remy human hair is slightly better for longevity and isn’t dangerous; however, the quality is still lacking because of the collection method of the hair. Because most of the hair
used has just fallen out, the cuticles are all in different directions. The cuticles are usually removed with acid when making extensions, making the hair look unhealthy.

How do Remy hair products compare to others?

Remy’s hair lasts much longer. Human hair lasts up to one year, and synthetic ones only 6 months. Remy’s hair lasts up to and over 2 years with proper maintenance and care.

The quality of Remy’s hair is far superior. The process by which Remy hair is collected ensures better quality. It is collected with the hair and the root traveling the same way. This makes it so the cuticles won’t matte or tangle. Because the cuticles remain intact and unremoved, the hair remains healthier for longer.  Because this is human hair, it doesn’t have any unnatural shine or harmful effects of synthetic hair.

You can style Remy products without worry. Most synthetic materials cannot be styled and require specific styling products. With Remy hair extensions, you can style the hair almost any way you would your natural hair. Shampoos, combs, or heat won’t ruin it.

Remy’s Secret products are Remy Virgin hair. Remy Virgin hair has never been chemically processed. It has never been dyed, bleached, or permed. This sets Remy’s Secret apart because it assures all products are the top quality of any other extension or weft.

Remy’s hair looks natural, unlike most budget-priced extensions. Other products that use human hair don’t last, and the hair doesn’t look as healthy. Remy hair is much more durable and can be styled with almost any normal hair product. Remy’s hair’s qualities are why it is the clear choice above synthetic and even other human hair products.